Philip E. Carey, A Law Corporation

I founded my law firm with the goal of making quality legal services more accessible and affordable to everyday people in the Sacramento, California, area.

Many people assume that it is too expensive to hire an attorney to help them draft a will, review a business contract or deal with an insurance company. As a result, they try to deal with serious legal issues themselves or with information gleaned from the Internet. This can lead to mistakes that will cost you far more than it would have to hire an attorney upfront.

Making Legal Advice Affordable

I am attorney Philip E. Carey. I provide the same quality legal services that you would expect from a large law firm, but at a more affordable price. At large law firms, client files are often passed from attorney to attorney, accumulating additional fees at every stop. The actual work may end up being done by an inexperienced associate or paralegal. At my law office, that won't happen to you.

As a sole attorney practice, I will handle your case personally. You will benefit from having a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience handle your case from beginning to end. Since I don't have a large staff or a lot of overhead, I can handle your case far more efficiently than would be the case in a large law firm.

One of the biggest advantages I offer is personal service. As your lawyer, I will get to know you and you will get to know me. As a result, I will have a clear understanding of your situation and your goals. If you need to know the status of your case, help is never more than a phone call away.

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Making Legal Help Accessible

Whether you end up hiring me or not, I offer a free initial consultation so you will be better informed about your options. Call me at 916-564-0706 to arrange a time to talk.